Valvole Italia S.r.l.

Registered office Via Lenin, 39_41012 Carpi (MO)_Italy

Headquarter Via S. Caterina 245_41122 Modena_Italy


Valvole Italia was established in 2014 by a group of hydraulics and electronics engineers who, after between 7 and 25 years of experience in R&D, sales, production and management for large multinational companies, decided to try their own luck, and set off to create the perfect counterbalance/load-holding/overcenter company.

As the task at hand seemed somewhat too easy, we decided to start in three continents at the same time, on account of it not being perfect at all for a company to be up and running for only about 10 hours per day when there are clearly 24 available.

Just like everyone else, we believe in superior engineering, service, quality, customer orientation, lean processes, fair pricing, and technology that makes life better. We try to do so a bit harder than the rest, sometimes we manage.

And now a handy bullet list of stuff we believe in:

• Development work in partnership with customers as opposed to purely engineering-driven product roadmaps
• Continuous incremental improvement of existing products based on field experience
• Distributed cross-functional know-how amongst employees
• Competence based assignment of management roles at all levels
• Transparency to customers
• Liquid organizations with n-dimensional matrix structures capable of flawlessly adapting to any task at hand