About Us


Valvole Italia was established in 2014 by a group of hydraulics and electronics engineers who, after between 7 and 25 years of experience in R&D, sales, production and management for large multinational companies, decided to try its own luck, and set off to create the perfect counterbalance company.

As the task at hand seemed somewhat too easy, we decided to start in three continents at the same time, based on it not being perfect at all for a company to be up and running only about 10 hours, when there are clearly 24 available in a day. Also, and maybe more importantly, it’s because the customers we serve are often very large and very global organizations.

Just like everyone else, we believe in superior engineering, service, quality, customer orientation, lean processes, fair pricing, and technology that makes people’s lives better. Only we try to do so a bit harder than the rest (or maybe, who knows, just for real).

Valvole Italia and its associate companies, Valvole America (Medina, Ohio) and Valvole Asia (Shenzhen, PRC), do not have product roadmaps, and do not believe in them. Every innovation that is brought into the product comes out of direct involvement in the customer’s engineering, purchasing and manufacturing processes, and is meant to bring value to them.

Please enjoy our range of finely engineered plug-and-play solutions, and look for the little differences. We assure you there are plenty, and some of them are actually not that little.